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    Measuring Fintech Capability

    We provide unique insights into the capabilities of Fintech companies. Our Scorecard methodology has over 100 data points on Fintech Adaptability, Scalability, Strategic Resource Management and Consistency. The outputs help Fintech's to professionalise their operations and hone their value proposition while assisting banks to make the right decisions on how to cooperate with the Fintech community.

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    Creating new standards for the changing financial landscape

    Will Fintech companies have a significant role to play in the evolution of the financial industry? Data shows that most tech startups fail. At the same time financial institutions are understandably guarded about new partnerships.


    The Financial Innovation Hub measures Fintech performance, capability and potential, giving companies a benchmark to professionalise their performance and banks.a common standard for judging the suitability of Fintechs for addressing specific problems.


    We are developing new data on Fintech clusters and bank requirements. To professionalise your approach to Fintech contact Rupert Bull:

  • We are passionate about understanding the future: that's why we decided to measure it.

    Our managing partners are:

    Rupert Bull -cofounder

    Rupert has 25 years of international Capital Markets experience and a wide-ranging network. He is a successful entrepreneur having co-founded, built, and sold Expand Research the Capital Market’s leading technology and operations benchmarking firm to The Boston Consulting Group.

    Rupert has a deep understanding and experience of how benchmarking changes performance as both a practitioner and recognised thought leader. He is passionate about leveraging this experience for the benefit of both early stage companies and their consumers.

    Haydn Shaughnessy - cofounder

    Haydn is a leading expert in disruption, innovation and structural change. He's written three books about it - much of his work is focused on the rise of business platforms. He analyzed it first in The Elastic Enterprise, then followed up with SHIFT: A Leader's Guide to the Platform Economy. His latest book is Platform Disruption Wave, a wealth on insights about the changing economy. His knowledge of change strategies in multiple sectors is unrivaled.

    Chris Corson - Managing Partner


    Chris was previously a Senior Managing Director of Credit Suisse which he left in 2016 after a career spanning 23 years. Latterly in his career there he worked for the senior management team of the investment bank examining potential strategies for the bank in emerging markets and also examining innovations and developing technology.


    Over the past 16 years he has been directly involved with leading and building emerging markets fixed income trading, structuring, sales, structuring and syndication, working with clients in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Chris has a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from King’s College, University of London. He was a Captain in the Scot Guards between 1987 – 1992.

    Buy the book

    Shift was described by Steve Denning on Forbes as everything you need to know about the digital economy - but it is more than that. Shift tells you how companies are remodelling their businesses how platforms work, why ecosystems are so important and much much more. Contact us if you would like a copy or make us happy by buying one!

    Buy the book

    Platform Disruption Wave is a new analysis of how industries are disrupted, drawing on research into fifty years of industry disruption in smartphones, flat panel displays and finance. It explains the development of business platforms, the rise of platforms in the context of China's expansion and the potential for significant new disruption in the coming five years.

  • Some background

    Our work is a unique portfolio of research and metrics that help shine a light on the future of financial services

    Imagining the future of global finance

    Our metrics have provided the major infrastructure players in global finance with unique insights into how the future global financial infrastructure will function. We have been trusted to take the 5 and 10 year view of how the roles and revenues within the global financial order will change, detailing which organisations are at risk and why, and how burgeoning south-to-south trade flows will alter the existing banking system.

    Grappling with the future of transaction banking

    We have undertaken unique semantic analysis of the huge body of thinking that is going on around the future of the transaction bank, globally, allowing us to identify user needs and priorities across multiple industries. Our unique approach to analytical work gives us the ability to create an overview of this important area of banking, where no overview existed before. We have identified over 80 major issues in transaction banking, any combination of which provides valuable intelligence to companies planning Transaction Bank futures.

    At Risk/Opportunity Index

    We study where the new money pools are forming in the global economy. Clients can sign up to our multi-cient studies and subscription updates. This research is essential data for planning new projects and new revenue streams.

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    Understanding the future economy

  • Our clients are strong partners in understanding how to create the future. Join us.

    We're building a client base of companies who want to prosper in disruptive times. We can help you understand change better, show you where the new money flows are, and help design the strategies for success.

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